Top Eight Reasons for Choosing a Storage Facility

With more than 10 million Americans involved in self-storage, there is no shortage of available units. Still, all facilities are not the same and good deals can be elusive. Don’t move anything until you’ve scouted the territory. That means investigating some fairly important criteria.

Families and individuals looking to store should first inventory the possessions to be stored. It makes a difference whether you’re storing dishes or pickup trucks. Heirlooms might need climate control, whereas a car needs an anti-theft environment.

If your possessions are predominated by items subject to deterioration though heat or dampness, you might want to consider a climate-controlled unit. Be aware that climate neutral storage will be more expensive.

Another reason for your inventory was to get an idea of how many cubic feet of storage you’ll need. You need to choose the right-sized unit. Study the unit’s design. For example, narrow ones might have more vertical space, wider ones, lower ceilings. Match the design to the shape of your stuff.

Just as real estate sellers cry, “Location, location!” to stress the geographical advantage of a property, the same applies to storage spaces. So, consider location. Central storage is always more expensive than that on the edge of town. To help you make the decision imagine how many times a year you’ll need to rummage among your things.

Because storage costs vary widely, you should shop around for the best deal. Don’t be shy about using the phone or Internet. Ask questions. Climate control might be an air conditioner to one company or a window fan to another.

Security is in the eye of the beholder. Do you see cameras, walls, fences, electronic gadgetry, barbed wire, and burly guards? Or just a nasty dog on a chain?  Visit some sites and make a judgment. You want the right kind of security at a price you can afford.

Your insurance company might have a say about where you store your possessions. Better check with it before you commit to renting a unit that doesn’t qualify for coverage. You might need to cough up for additional coverage or find another, approved storage facility.

Keep your eye out for promotions or ask storage unit staff if any are being run. Try mentioning that such-and-such a facility is renting at this price; Can they match it to turn you into a customer? The general idea is for you to do the best you can to shop for deals.

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