3 Advantages of Climate Controlled Storage

When you run out of room in your home, or move to a smaller place, it is really important to make the right choice in storing your nice things. Climate controlled storage will provide a safe and secure space to keep your precious items in proper condition. Here are three advantages to using this type of facility:

1. Temperature Control

Extreme temperature changes can really cause havoc on your things. Documents and other items can warp, fade, and even disintegrate if kept in an attic, garage, or other uncontrolled area.

2. Humidity Control

Humidity is an enemy to your precious things. Without strict control of moisture in your storage area, mold and mildew can easily creep in to severely damage or even totally ruin your precious items. Climate controlled units will eliminate this danger. Basements are big culprits that hold moisture and should be avoided.

3. Pest Control

Since these types of units are well sealed for temperature and humidity and monitored constantly, you don’t have to worry about insect or rodent infestations.

To have the confidence that your things will remain secure and in good condition, place them in climate controlled storage. For more information on the advantages of renting a climate controlled unit in Salinas, visit this website.

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8 Easy Steps to Packing Up Excess Household Items

When your three-bedroom home is starting to look more like two bedrooms and a storage unit, it’s time for a change. Packing up extra items around the house is easy when you have the right game plan. Follow these eight steps to open up your home quickly and easily.

1.    Decide

Sort items into categories: things you might want around the house, those which might go into storage, and those which are definitely going.

 2.    Organize

Group like items together so that you won’t be tempted to box fragile goods with those which might cause breakage, for example.

3.    Stock Up

You’ll need boxes, packing tape, paper or tissue to line breakables, plus a permanent marker. Label everything as you pack so there’s no confusion later.

4.    Protect

Dishes, glassware and any fragile decorative items should each be wrapped sufficiently to avoid mishaps during storage or transportation.

5.    Inventory

If you’re putting a lot into storage, go beyond labeling boxes. Consider making a quick inventory sheet so you know what’s where in the future.

 6.    Secure

Don’t skimp when sealing—use enough tape that boxes are well-secured, reducing likelihood of damage or pests gaining access.

7.    Transport

 Use boxes that’ll be easy to transport in a vehicle you’ll have ready access to, both when moving items out as well as retrieving them later.

8.    Store

Take your safely boxed possessions to a good storage facility and start enjoying all your newfound free space!

Learn more about household storage in Raleigh by visiting this website.

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